Thailand seeks Malaysia’s cooperation to track phone used in a 2-day bomb blast

thai bomb blast.jpg

Thai security forces are seeking Malaysia’s assistance in investigating a series of bombings in several southern provinces between Thursday and yesterday, killing four people and injuring 35.

According to sources, Thailand sought Malaysia’s cooperation to investigate a mobile phone used in one of the bomb blasts in Phuket, yesterday, which is said to have originated from Malaysia.   A portion of the mobile phone with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission’s serial number is still visible.

In the series of bomb blasts in the southern provinces of Thailand, mobile phones were used as tools to activate (detonate) the homemade bombs (improvised explosive device IED).

Two homemade bombs exploded in the popular island resort of Phuket yesterday, one each in Patong and Kathu at 7.45am (local time) and 8.45am but only one person suffered a minor injury.

Bomb explosion also occurred in the royal resort of Hua Hin, on Thursday and Friday morning, killing two people and injuring dozens of others, including 10 foreign tourists.

Two blasts also occurred in Surat Thani yesterday where one person died, and a blast at a market in Trang two days ago also claimed a life.

Thailand’s investigation team, as reported by the local media, have concluded that all the bombings are related to each other because the tools utilized are the same as well as the use of mobile phones to activate the bombs.


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