Nominees for Myanmar’s next president to be known March 17


NAYPYITAW, Myanmar – The chairman of Myanmar’s parliament says the nominees for the country’s next president and two vice presidents will be made known on March 17.

The Parliament Chairman  Man Win Khine announced Monday that the upper house, the lower House and the military will have to select one candidate each for the three posts on March 17. Once the three names are put before the 664-member parliament, all members will take a vote. The person with the largest number of votes will become president, and the other two will be vice presidents. It isn’t clear when the vote will take place, but the current president’s term ends March 31 and the successor must take office April 1.

Given that Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy(NLD) party has a majority in both houses of parliament, it is certain to get the president’s post and one of the vice presidential positions.

However, the real concern now is on the clause in Myanmar Constitution which has a provision which prohibits any Myanmarese with foreign spouse and offsprings to hold the highest executive power in the office. There have been serious negotiations to amend the constitution.

Here the NLD strongly needs the military cooperation for any amendments of constitutions, given the latter still holds 25% percent of Parliamentary seat. Though, conflicting reports has also emerged on the willingness of the military to cooperate. The few weeks to come will likely reveal more on this development.

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