Indonesia Rupiah Gains 143bps to Rp13,480/US$ – Strongest in ASEAN.

Rupiah closed  strongly today with a 143-point (1.05 percent) gain to Rp13,480 per US dollar. The rupiah became today’s top gainer among other ASEAN currencies.

Throughout the day’s trade, the rupiah moved between Rp13,474 and Rp13,646 per US dollar. This strong movement is quite a surprise considering the rupiah opened the day with a 21-point slip (0.15 percent) to Rp13,644 per US dollar, the Bloomberg Dollar Index reported as quipped by Bisnis Indonesia.

ASEAN currencies also tended to move upwards today, with the rupiah leading the gain. As of 15:30 Jakarta time, The Singaporean dollar gained 0.09 percent, the Thailand baht moved up 0.18 percent. However the Malaysian ringgit and the Philippine peso fell 0.33 percent and 0.09 percent respectively.

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