Former Thai Prime Minister’s son doubles reward offered for Bangkok bomber capture

Panthongtae Shinawatra

Panthongtae Shinawatra

The son of ousted Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra – Panthongtae Shinawatra has doubled the reward offered by police for the capture of those behind this week’s deadly Bangkok bomb blast by putting up nearly US$200,000.

He wrote in his Facebook stating  “I have been given permission from my father to give seven million baht – two for any informant and five million for those officials who investigate and make arrests,” – “In order to swiftly regain confidence and morale among both Thais and foreigners we have to arrest the suspect as soon as possible to make everyone realise that Thailand is not (a) place where this kind of thing can happen and you get off scot free,” he added.

Also earlier in the week a well-known member of the Red Shirt movement loyal to Thaksin offered a further two million baht bounty – bringing the total money on offer to $335,000. Thaksin himself has been vocal in expressing outrage at the attack.”I condemn the perpetrator and anyone behind (this attack) with the strongest words,” he stated on his Twitter account earlier this week.

Thai police insist their investigation are making headways despite days of confusing and sometimes contradictory statements from senior officers and junta officials. Among the potential perpetrators named by police and experts alike include international jihadists, members of Thailand’s southern Islamist insurgency and extremist on both sides of Thailand’s festering political divide.

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